September 9, 2013-Cell phones in the Classroom

images According to Audrey Waters article in Mind Shift, how we will learn, “More than three-quarters of teens own a cellphone, and about 40% own a smartphone.” If this is true what are your thoughts on the use of cellphones and students bringing their own devices into the classroom?

I think this is a hot topic to consider from an administrative point of view. Teachers and students need to rethink the way our traditional classroom looks and how we as individuals use the technology around us to speed up tasks and to make life more efficient. Remember when the majority of your high school social studies class was copying the teachers overhead notes as they lectured? Is that still what happens in your school? OR can teachers now use more interactive ways to teach because students can take a quick picture of the notes on the board with their smartphone and move on. Can you share a notes document with your students in Google Drive? These are all new ways of looking at devices that students use at home and outside of school everyday to make your classroom and school more effective.

What ways could teachers use students own devices to make class’s more effective? Would you allow this in your school? Before you answer these questions here are a couple of articles to read that might help with making this new step.

Cell Phones in the Classroom

Why Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools

How Teachers Make Cell Phones Work in the Classroom

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